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112 / First semester academic speech list

Date Speaker Job title Topic
112/09/22Shu-Han,Hsu TKU Department of Economics - Assistant Professor Diversification, Hedging, and Safe-Haven Characteristics of Cryptocurrencies
112/10/13Pin-Chia,JuanRuanand Partners - LawyerA Comprehensive Overview of Family Trusts – Practical Approaches to Wealth and Business Succession
112/11/03Chen-Chieh,LiaoYZU Department of Finance - Assistant Professor
112/11/10Yuan-Long, PengNCYU Department of Information Management - Assistant ProfessorWhat is robot wealth management busy with?
112/12/01Chih-Wei, ChenFubon Securities Co., Ltd. - Data ScientistData Science in the Financial Perspective: Exploring Cross-Disciplinary Advantages, Challenges, and Opportunities
112/12/15Yuan-Li, WuNTUB Department of Public Finance and Tax AdministrationCorporate Giving Decision:Agency Problem Hypothesis vs. Shareholder Wealth Maximization Hypothesis
112/12/22Sheng-Yuan, LiaoAssistant Manager of ARM at E.SUN Bank