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  2017-07-15 ModelOff is the world’s largest professional competition for Microsoft Excel, Financial Analysis, Investment Analysis and Financial Modeling. The annual international competition attracts thousands of leading professionals and students from more than 100 countries. ModelOff celebrates analytical skills and financial services excellence. Participants compete in two online qualification rounds in topics that range from advanced discounted cash flow modeling (DCF), quantitative analysis of infrastructure projects to innovative challenges in Microsoft Excel. The best and brightest competitors are flown to London for the Top 16 World Finals event as part of the ModelOff Global Training Camp.
Major global partners and sponsors of the world championship include Microsoft, PwC and Ansarada. The ModelOff competition also celebrates communities by hosting Meetup networking events across the world.
Global Impact of Financial Modeling
Everyday, ModelOff participants power analysis and insights for hundreds of billions of dollars of transactional projects worldwide. More than 800 million people use Microsoft Excel to push analytical boundaries today to create tomorrow’s future. Financial Modeling is using Microsoft Excel for Finance applications – from the stock market, new investments and everyday business improvement. Only Financial Modeling makes it possible for the complex to be made simple, the challenging to be understood and ideas and dreams to be shared collaboratively.
The ModelOff Global Training Camps are two-day world-class technical training development programs for young and emerging business leaders. This is the first choice for young business and finance professionals looking to build their technical skills in Advanced Excel, Business and Financial Analysis, Financial Modelling, Infrastructure, Investment Management, Private Equity and Risk Intelligence.
The GTC's feature training sessions on Advanced Excel for Business Analysis and Decision Making by the Microsoft Excel Development Team. The training camps are hosted in 6 different global hubs around the world including, Hong Kong, San Francisco, Sydney, Toronto, London & New York.
Our mission is to improve and seriously challenge the world’s best and brightest Finance and Business Analytical talent. You will learn the latest technical skills and industry trends, challenge your abilities and earn 12 CPD credit points at each event. This is achieved through 24+ sessions across multiple tracks with the best training companies, authors and technical leaders from the Americas, Europe, Asia and the Pacific. Build long-term global relationships and valuable networks with today’s leaders and tomorrow’s superstars.


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