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2017 Green Economy and Financial Transformation Forum

The green economy is an international consensus. The financial industry in low-carbon industries has the function of integrating and redistributing resources and is a key player in economic transformation.
This forum invites production, officials, and scholars to negotiate with each other and hopes to lead the participants to have deeper thinking in this field.
Professor Chen Yining, Department of Finance, National Taiwan University

Talk to people:
Jin Guanhong Deputy Chairperson Zheng Zhenmao

An Hou Yongxing Development Consultant Co., Ltd. General Manager Huang Zhengzhong
Taipei Fubon Bank Cheng Yaohui Executive Vice President

March 30, 2017 (four) 14:30~16:30 (open admission at 14:00)
B1 Chia Tai International Conference Hall, Hall 1 of School of Management, National Taiwan University (No. 1, Section 4, Roosevelt Road)
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