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Financial technology innovation competition of Hua Nan financial holdings.

  2017-09-19 1.     Competition name: The second Fintechers attacked the campus of Hua Nan financial holdings
2.     Purpose: Creation Innovative Service Design, Collaboration Innovative Technology Empirical, Challenge M.B.A. of Hua Nan.
3.     Participating objects: National colleges students and start-ups, can register to participate
4.     The number of each team: At least 3 people, up to 5 people. At least half of the members must be students in tertiary institutions. Each participant is limited to attend into a team
5.     Competition category: Only can register one of "Innovative Services Design Team" and "Innovative Technology Empirical Groups". Participants can additionally select to participate in "Hua Nan M.B.A Challenge Award"
6.     Detail:  http://www.hnfhc.com.tw/campaign/2017fintechers/index.html
7.     Organizer: Hua Nan Financial Holdings, Data Analytics Technology & Applications of Institute for Information Industry.
8.     The co-organizer: National Yunlin University of Science and Technology, FinTechBase
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