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Finteh courses: The importance of industry analysis for stock picking

  2017-06-22 1.     Title: The importance of XQ industry analysis for stock picking
2.     Date: 11/08/2017
3.     Time: 15:00-18:00
4.     Lecturer: Securities senior lecturer Lai-Chun Nan Manager
5.     Detail: Whether the prospect of the Iphone 8 industry chain is optimistic? Who is (Tesla) electric car industry supply chain want to invest? Who is the industry star of the international supply chain in the future?
6.     Objects: graduated master's, doctoral students, working people
7.     Fee: 500 NTD per class (credit, in-service class students (including graduating) are free, graduate alumni could get 10% discount , person recommend by alumni could also get 10% discount)
8.     Payment method: paid in class
9.     Registration URL: https://goo.gl/forms/1T5WOShLOfJrC11S2
10.   Registration QR code
11.   Remarks: Students who have completed the course will be issued a certificate of study. Related issues please contact the department of fiancé Ms. Liao. #5401
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