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The department of finance is recruiting a deputy now.

National Yunlin University of Science and Technology School fund staff Recruitment notice
Contract Employee
Department The department of finance Quota 1
Postion □Contract Employee。     □Administrative Assistant。    □Contract-based Assistant
■ Other  Administrative Assistant (deputy) 
Contractual nature
■Term contract:From January 1, 2018 to December 31, 2018, Hired according to the actual registration date.
Deputy Acting until the day before the staff on leave without pay reinstates or persons who are distributed through the exam come to work.
□Irregular contract。
Payments 30,595 NTD. Per month (Bachelor)(Labor & health insurance expenses included)。
Work projects
  1. Master, Ph.D. class
  2. In-service classes
  3. Communicate with alumni
  4. Others
Eligibility 1. Nationals of the ROC who are legally able to act in fully capacity. People from mainland China who come to settle in Taiwan need to have registered their family ten years in Taiwan.
2. Not a relative listed below of a supervisor at all levels of the school, such as the spouse, relatives within three degrees of consanguinity, or relatives within three degrees of affinity.
3. Bachelor degree or above (Master's degree salary is the same as bachelor salary)
4. Students with study roll (including suspension) shall not apply. New graduates must obtain permission from the employer to participate selection. If the new graduates have admitted should be completed before the job date and pay a diploma, or cancel their admission.
5. People who have the following qualities are preferred, such as being responsible, good moral character, have enthusiasm for service. A person with experience in school administration is preferred.
Procedure 1. The first stage:” eligibility assessment” After the examination, choose the better one and inform to participate in the second stage.
2.The second stage: Conduct public interviews in small groups. And check candidates’ “The registered information of sex offender”. Announcement of selection will be announced in website – the latest news. (About 3 weeks)
Date and way of applying 1. Apply in writing. Please prepare the following documents, sort them in order and binding all documents in to one document.
1.  Application form for school fund staff (Please link to the personnel department’s page/School fund staff to download the latest form)
2.  Personal profile and autobiography(Use straight A4 paper and write horizontally)。
3.  The copy of the highest academic qualification certificate(Foreign qualifications must be certified by the competent authorities in the country)
4.  The copy of ID card positive and negative;The certified documents of people in mainland China set up ten-year permanent residence in Taiwan.
5.  Other documents that reflect the individual's ability to work and experience.
Ex: certificates
6.Please mail the documents required to us or deliver in person by 16/10/2017(Must be postmarked by 16/10/2017),On the cover, indicate applying for the deputy of the Department of Finance. Interview time will be notified separately.
7. Liaison: Ying-Xin, Chen Ms.(05-5342601 #5404)
Remarks 1.  We will check if there is any registered information of sex offender on the candicates according to the regulations.
2.  If the quota is canceled, the interview will not be notified. Documents sent by candidates should not be returned unless there is a statement to be returned and an envelope is attached.
3.  Unless candidates request for a non-admission notice, the remaining results will be posted on the web without notice
4.  Admission staff After the admission notice, did not complete the registration, will cancel the admission.
5.  Alternate staff is listed as twice the number of candidates in this selection. In case of admission staff did not report to work or midway resignation, fill vacancies in order of precedence in four months.
6.  Salary, working hours and other management matters are handled according to the relevant provisions of our school。
7.  We may decide whether to extend or terminate the deadline early。

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