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Master and Ph.D. application of admission scholarships (Finance institute)

  2017-10-17 According to the National Yunlin University of Science and Technology graduate student scholarships implementation essentials (4): In order to reward outstanding students to attend the master's course, doctoral course, graduate students can receive scholarships.
  1. Eligibility (Meet any of the following conditions):
  1. The student who is not only the top five in the graduated class but also get the admission of master's class or doctoral class.
  2. Have confirmed the admission of a master's degree or doctoral degree from another National University, but give up and choose to attend Master's or Ph.D. of the department of finance.
  1. Way of payment: NT $ 30,000 per person for the ceiling, and subsidies only once for the principle. The Date of registration is each November and the applicants need to attach relevant certificates to the department to apply. It will pay after discussing the results of the conference. If you meet the application eligibility and want to apply, please fill in the attached form and attach the relevant supporting documents, and submit to the assistant Lin,Wei-Jun.

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