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Activities of tutoring students to obtain license.

  2017-10-30 1.       Senior Securities Specialist
Detail: To assist students in examinations, the department offers tutoring hours to answer Q & A topics in securities, investment, investment and financial analysis.
Period: 27/10/2017 ~ 24/11/2017
Times: Thu. 13:10~16:10 and Fri. 09:20~12:10
Location:MD502 Lin, Hsien-Ping teacher.
2.       Contest of financial license simulation test.
Detail: In order to encourage students self-learning to obtain certificate of financial professional, we set the latest online simulation test system. And we provide the scholarships based on the grades and frequency.
Period: 27/10/2017 ~ 24/11/2017
Website of contest:
Website of registering:

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