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2018 In-service program of the institute of Finance is beginning to enroll!

  2017-11-17 Only can register online.
No written test required, not limited to working years, weekdays and holidays are subject to class and tuition reasonable.
1.Registration date: 11/12/2017(Mon.) ~ 21/02/2018 (Thu.) 16:30.
2.Admission criteria: 1. Written information (50%) + 2. Interview (50%)
3.Interview date: 03/17/2018 (Sat.)
4.Quota: 26
5.General regulations download: https://examweb.yuntech.edu.tw/WebExams/Exam_W/
6.Tel: (05)534-2601#5409 Institute of finance Ms. Xu
7. Recruitment orientation: 07/01/2018 (Sun.) Taichung, 13/01/2018 (Sat.) Yuntech, Please look forward to detailed locations.

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