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2018 In-service program of the institute of Finance is beginning to enroll!

Only can register online.
No written test required, not limited to working years, weekdays and holidays are subject to class and reasonable tuition .
1.Registration date: 11/12/2017(Mon.) ~ 21/02/2018 (Thu.) 16:30.
2.Admission criteria: 1. Written information (50%) + 2. Interview (50%)
3.Interview date: 03/17/2018 (Sat.)
4.Quota: 26
5.General regulations download: https://examweb.yuntech.edu.tw/WebExams/Exam_W/
6.Tel: (05)534-2601#5409 Institute of finance Ms. Xu
7. Recruitment orientation: 07/01/2018 (Sun.) Taichung, 13/01/2018 (Sat.) Yuntech, Please look forward to detailed locations.
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