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Lipper Global Fund Flow Analysis


Due to the frequent occurrence of global events recently, more and more users are paying attention to the trend of global fund capital flow, hoping to grasp the market pulse and make the best investment strategy through the global capital flow trend.

Below are the fund flow trends observed from the Lipper Global Fund Flow analysis of the recent Ukraine-Russia war and since the onset of Covid.

1. Before the outbreak of the Ukrainian- Russia War (early February), the daily capital flow began to change from a net inflow to a net outflow, until a large and continuous outflow occurred at the time of the war. The trend of capital flows in this section shows that investors have begun to exit Russia stock markets and related funds, and funds in energy stocks have begun to show a net inflow trend. From the beginning of February to February 25, investors still have the opportunity to make investment strategy changes in advance.

Cumulative Daily Fund Flow in Russia Equity Market

Cumulative Daily Net Flows in Equity Energy Sector, rapid growth after 24th Feb

2. In addition, oil prices and energy commodities also have corresponding changes. When oil prices fell, money started flowing into Commodities Energy. When oil prices stabilized. money began to flow out of Commodities Energy.

3. In the Covid ranges, Equity outflow trends in Asia, except Japan, China, North America and Europe equity funds all showed a trend of net outflows of different strengths. The same is true for industries. From the capital flow of global funds, we can grasp the pulse of the market and products that are not copper-oriented.

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