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[EIKON] Want to predict earnings season surprises?

  2022-11-08 Screen for earnings beats & misses in your portfolio with StarMine Predicted Surprise
Type SCREENER in Eikon search, then choose "TR US Eearnings Season Surprises" from the screen loader. You can use the SCREENER app to search for predicted surprises by adding it as a filter in your stock screen.

Launch Screener now

● Using the filters on the bottom left you can change the region from the US to other countries and regions.
● You can also use the universe filters on the top left to choose your universe as a portfolio, index, or all active equities as a starting point.

Watch Video(4:33)                   Launch Screene

Earnings Season App
Type EARN in Eikon search
In 2021, we correctly predicted 80% of earnings surprises, the Earnings Season app enables you to easily monitor developing trends of companies that have already reported and how they may impact companies that have yet to report.

Launch EARN Now

● You can view analytics at the aggregate or individual company level.
● Access our 10 Easy Steps Guide to navigating earnings season or watch our video on the Earnings Season app.

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Lipper Alpha Insight
StarMine Models Pick Russell 1000 Companies for 22Q3 Earnings Beats
The StarMine team has selected five Russell 1000 companies, using Refinitiv Workspace, that we expect to beat 22Q3 earnings estimates, based on SmartEstimate® and Predicted Surprise data.
To access this article, type ALPHA in Eikon search or click the button below.

Read Lipper Alpha insight Article

Contact me for more industry and product insights!
Contact me for more industry and product insights!
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