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  2022-11-22 Seasonal analysis for any market
Type SEAC in Eikon search
Launch Seasonality Chart

The Seasonality Chart app lets you to create seasonal analysis for any market using variables like trends, averages and deviation for a broad range of instruments including commodities futures, commodity exchange traded calendar and product spreads, futures, equities and foreign exchange. We've recently added more data fields, a seasonality heatmap and pre-defined and multi-leg spreads. 

Use the 'View Mode' section to switch between modes: 
Standard Mode: a default seasonal view of your chosen instrument. When loading a futures instrument, you can enter a chain (eg 0#CL:) or a specific contract month.
Multi Leg Spread Mode: build a custom spread for a list of instruments plotted in legs, with corresponding ratios and name it.  Or load a predefined spread.
Top tip: When you switch multi-leg spread mode, the system will try to find any predefined spread that has the same root code in Leg 1 as a search field of standard mode. If there is no match, it will try to build a butterfly spread. If an instrument from the search field was not a futures type, it will open a crack spread.
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